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Consulting & Research

We believe in helping clients who are successful become exceptional. This is why many of our interventions are research-based. We do not employ a "silver bullet" or off-the-shelf methodology, as it is clear that these approaches to not create long-term results. There are simply too many moving parts to prescribe a new website or stand alone workshop as the answer to long-term internal and external influence challenges.

We collaborate with clients to jointly diagnose and then prescribe appropriate interventions, training delivery options, and transfer of skills to the client. Our approaches revolve around establishing sustainable PAC, grassroots, and lobbying improvements that serve the org-anization for the long-term, rather than ad hoc grassroots, PAC and lobbying campaigns.

Our client results indicate that improved grassroots and PAC performance comes from investment in the application of scientific influence principles, standardized administration and management procedures, organizational support structures, and motivated staff and advocates.

All methodologies are based on the clients' highest priority outcomes, so there truly is no "one size fits all" product the services listed below represent our most popular interventions:

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Government Relations Team Performance

  • Staff coaching and training workshops
  • GR department organization and team performance improvement

Research Services

  • Crossfire Research: PAC and Grassroots Message Frame Testing and Implementation
  • Scientific Influence Audits for Grassroots, PAC and Lobbying Communications

Research Projects - Workshops and Findings available for purchase

*Proprietary research - available only through The Showalter Group, Inc.

Grassroots Influence

  • Online to offline grassroots advocate structure design
  • Grassroots advocacy training: staff, Key Contacts, executives and board members
  • Motivational grassroots keynote speeches
  • Full-day grassroots "boot camp" staff consultation
  • Advocacy staff strategic planning manual
  • Fortune magazine's "Power 25" Grassroots Benchmarking Inventory*
  • Grassroots program management
  • Grassroots promotional materials
  • Key contact program establishment
  • Coaching for government relations staff
  • Grassroots program audit
  • Grassroots program establishment


  • "The Persuasive PAC"- custom designed PAC recruitment presentation using scientific influence principles
  • PAC promotional materials
  • Full-day PAC "Boot Camp" staff consultation
  • PAC audit
  • PAC keynote speeches
  • PAC recruiter training
  • Government relations staff training and development
  • PAC recruiter manuals and training
  • Grassroots and PAC website design
  • Grassroots and PAC incentive program designs
  • PAC creation and fundraising structure establishment
  • PAC and grassroots staff search facilitation

While all of our consulting and workshop services are customized around our clients' highest-priority outcomes, the services below represent our most popular deliverables.

We are also retained by organizations to provide ongoing and immediate counsel on a variety of grassroots, PAC, and scientific influence projects.

  • "The Persuasive PAC"- customized PAC recruitment presentation design using scientific influence principles relative to your organizational context
  • Scientific influence audit for grassroots, lobbying, and PAC communications
  • Scientific influence communications template
  • Key Contact program establishment
  • Broad-based grassroots program establishment
  • Grassroots program audit
  • PAC audit
  • Grassroots management manual
  • PAC recruiter manuals and training
  • Grassroots and PAC website design
  • Fortune magazine "Power 25" Benchmarking Inventory*
  • Grassroots and PAC incentive program designs
  • Grassroots program management
  • Grassroots and PAC revitalization
  • Grassroots program establishment
  • PAC creation and fundraising structure establishment
  • PAC and grassroots staff search facilitation

Proprietary TSG Research

We are curious about excellence in grassroots advocacy, Political Action Committee and government relations productivity and influence. Thus, we regularly initiate proprietary research projects to uncover best practices relative to grassroots persuasion, fundraising influence, and volunteer management.

Our findings have positioned us as thought leaders who go beyond what is commonly known and practiced to the behaviors that grow the roots of success.

All research findings are available in interactive workshops and keynote presentations, and some are available on our product page. Each report and / or workshop includes Amy's practical, do-it-now strategies for overcoming the challenges revealed in the research findings.

Highlights include:

  • "Why Winners Win: The Fortune "Power 25" Grassroots Best Practices Inventory":
    To keep the best, be clear on outcomes, make it personal, create contrast and tout results.

  • "Say Good-Bye to Burnout - How to Keep Grassroots Volunteers:" Even the most experienced grassroots advocates have unrealistic expectations of success, and most burnout is staff induced.

  • "Winning Hearts and Minds: Attitudes Toward Political Involvement:" Find out why most association PAC prospects give individual money, they just don't give to their association's PAC. Why corporate employees care less about how legislation affects their job and more about how the PAC is managed.

  • "The Fortune "Power 25" Influence Inventory: Persuasion Tactics that Change Legislators' Minds:" Time spent on influence campaigns, the number of staff and email volume doesn't matter as much as money, margins, and similarity.

Crossfire Research: Accelerating Your Influence for the Uphill Climb

If you haven't already, sometime your organization will face an uphill influence challenge. You may find your message is not resonating with who you need to influence, your audience is downright hostile, your grassroots advocates are fatigued, and you are being outspent and outnumbered. The Crossfire methodology helps organizations with tough influence challenges to get "unstuck" and reach their strategic goals through accurately framing messages in a way that creates an emotional allegiance to their cause.

The Crossfire approach is a communication technology developed specifically for difficult influence challenges by social scientist Dr. Kelton Rhoads. It recognizes that your messages must compete in an information space against opposing communications. Instead of testing messages in what Dr. Rhoads calls the "focus group vacuum," Crossfire testing seeks to identify advocacies that can obtain maximum attraction in a competitive and hostile atmosphere.

Research Implementation

As one of our clients exclaimed : "Dr. Rhoads is smart, and Amy has street smarts, which is a winning combination!" The combination of Dr. Rhoads' scientific expertise and Amy Showalter's real world implementation strategies ensure that clients can execute the research findings to reach their goals faster.

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