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Workshops & Speaking

"No one else can do what Amy does"

"As we built the foundation of our new grassroots program, we knew our franchisees would be the most valuable part of it. They are a willing audience, but we needed to train them for the unique needs of grassroots organizing in a corporate franchised system. Amy kept them engaged, provided hands-on coaching and new tactics to help them be successful at influencing policymakers and their franchise colleagues. No one else can do what Amy does because she understands corporate and political realities as well as how to bring out the best from our grassroots leaders."

Mary Schell Senior Vice President
The Wendy's Company, Inc.


Duration - 2:58


Staff Development Workshops

Amy integrates the audience into workshops. Here she is hearing the PAC pitches from members of the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors.

Prior to starting her consulting practice, Amy managed the Nationwide Civic Action Program for nine years. Under her tenure, over 2,000 public affairs professionals in the country rated it as one of the top two corporate grassroots programs in the country. (Ed Grefe and Martin Linsky, The New Corporate Activism). At Nationwide, she collaborated with and hired consultants and trainers to help develop her grassroots members' political acumen and motivation. While she experienced many successful collaborations, she realized that many of the speakers were either reading their text, or providing the exact same speech year after year-complete with the same tired jokes. Amy knew that audiences today are sophisticated, demanding, and require interaction and innovative content. She also recognized that audience members need to know not just how to communicate with and educate lawmakers, but more importantly, how to influence them.

Amy had an excellent reputation for motivating grassroots involvement and encouraging government affairs staff excellence. However, she had not delivered a PAC fundraising "pitch" until 2000. In her first fundraising speech for a national professional association client, she raised $22,000.00 from 15 individuals. In her next PAC fundraising speech, she tripled the size of the client's PAC. Since then, she has equipped her PAC clients with the Persuasive PAC ™ methodology which has resulted in increased PAC receipts, loyalty and enthusiasm.

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Science of Influence Workshops for Lobbying, Grassroots & PAC Professionals

Unlike other organizations, TSG does not consider "customized training" to be programs that are pulled off the shelf and presented with your organization's name thrown in during the training. You tell us your highest priority outcomes and we reverse–engineer the process to design a curriculum that produces your highest priority outcomes.

All of our efforts are custom-designed based on learning outcomes that reflect comments and feedback from the actual trainees and staff that we collect prior to the training. We do, however, offer numerous signature programs that use formats we have refined over time as the starting point for your custom-designed effort. Several of our workshops are based on proprietary TSG grassroots research offered only through The Showalter Group, Inc.

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Grassroots & PAC Advocate Workshops

"Awesome and quite entertaining"

"Amy is awesome and quite entertaining in her PAC presentation on how to "just ask!"

Bette McTamney President Elect
Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®


"We take our clients from activity to achievement. We don't believe that "grassroots advocacy" or "PAC fundraising" represents what should be your ultimate goal: grassroots and PAC persuasion. We believe it's about the result, not the activity. Here's how we do it:


Persuasive Presentation Skills For Public Affairs Staff

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