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Amy Live and Uncut


How You Can Give Your PAC and Grassroots Programs Staying Power

Duration - 3:47


5 Behaviors of Blackbelt Political Involvement Professionals

Duration - 3:24


Rules for Getting Feedback

Duration - 2:40


6 Time Bombs in Your Grassroots or PAC Program

Duration - 3:38


Decisions That Will Make or Break Your PAC or Grassroots Program

Duration - 3:28


Grassroots and PAC Lessons Learned

Duration - 3:57


Three Things Never to Say to Your PAC Prospects

Duration - 4:57


The TSG Training Approach

Duration - 3:28


Influencing Legislators

Duration - 2:48


Volunteer Motivation: Why "One Size Fits All" Doesn't Work

Duration - 0:48


Volunteer Management: The Importance of Role Descriptions

Duration - 1:52




Amy Showalter of The Showalter Group podcasts about PAC and grassroots advocacy.

Email Advocacy - Episode 1

Are you over-relying on email advocacy? In this episode, learn more about how email advocacy should only be one tool in your communications toolbox.